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The electro stuhr GmbH was founded in Luebeck-Herrenwyk on 01.07.1982. The tasks of the young company included switchgear construction, machine control systems and industrial automation.


Due to the rapid growth, the company moved from the leased workshop in Lübeck-Herrenwyk to a larger company-owned building in Bad Schwartau already after one year.


Other changes included the introduction of a quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001, which was successfully certified for the first time in December 1997.


On 20 February 2002, the quality management system was modified to comply with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. In addition, the SCC certificate was acquired in 2010 to demonstrate compliance with the safety standards.

Today, with a workforce of over 30, elektro stuhr gmbh develops and manufactures tailor-made switchgear systems for the following areas:


  • Electrical engineering, electronics
  • production companies
  • Research & Development
  • food industry
  • medical
  • Science of measuring and control engineering
  • packaging technology
  • Paper processing
  • materials handling
  • environmental engineering
  • Business Services
  • Regenerative energy


be used.


In addition, the company undertakes annual inspections of crane systems according to UVV accident prevention regulations as part of maintenance projects. Another main activity is installation of electrical equipment both for industry and private customers.

We have been DEKRA expert for the appraisal of electrical damage since 2014 in the fields of planning, support and damage appraisal for electrical equipment, particularly photovoltaic systems.